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Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully:

1) In order to undertake any motorcycle training in the UK, you MUST have a UK driving licence, either Full or Provisional, depending on the level of training being undertaken.  You must also be able to present your licence to your instructor upon arrival for your training.

2) You MUST be able to read a standard UK Registration Plate at a distance of 20 meters.

3) You are responsible for any equipment loaned to you for the purposes of your training including the motorcycle.  You may be charged up to and including £250.00 towards the cost of any repairs or replacement equipment damaged during your use.

4) All trainees must be able to speak and understand the English Language adequately enough to be able to follow basic instructions and be able to provide feedback to prove understanding of any training elements.

5) If you do not turn up for an arranged appointment, you may still be charged.  Cancellations/Rearrangements should give at least 48 hours notice before the training is due to start.

6) Training starts promptly at the arranged time. Students turning up late and missing the start of an arranged session will be refused training and costs forfeited.

7) Before you undertake any of our practical riding courses/sessions you must have a basic understanding of the Highway Code rules and Traffic Signs. 

8) You must follow instructions given to you by any of our qualified Instructors at all times. This is to ensure your safety and that of other trainees as well as members of the wider public.

9) Your training may be cancelled if your instructor feels that you are unfit to ride through drink or drugs (including energy drinks) or any other conditions such as lack of sleep. 


10) Your instructor may terminate your training if you do not accept and comply with these Terms and Conditions and any fees payed or owed  will be considered forfeit.

11) 1st Castle Motorcycle Training may ask for Credit/Debit card details in order to cover any fees or charges owed or accrued.

Rev. September 2023.

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