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DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) checks your motorcycle riding skills and provides training to help you improve.

The scheme can help you:

  • become a safer rider 

  • become a more confident rider

  • develop your motorcycling skills

If you successfully complete the scheme you’ll get a ‘DVSA certificate of competence’. You can use this to get discounts with most motorcycle insurers.


Who can sign up for the scheme

You need to have a full motorcycle licence and have passed your test.

The scheme is suitable if you:

  • have just passed your test

  • have particular areas of you riding that you would like to improve

  • are returning to riding after a break

  • are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle

  • want to check your riding standard


Get assessed by a trainer

You’ll first have a rider assessment with an expert trainer. You’ll ride in different road and traffic conditions.

The ride will be long enough for your trainer to make a good assessment of your skills. For most people, this is 1 to 2 hours.

You’ll be assessed on 7 core modules:

  • structured planned approach to riding

  • defensive riding and hazard awareness

  • progress and use of speed

  • overtaking and filtering

  • bends and corners

  • slow control

  • developing the correct rider attitude

If the assessment shows that you do not need any more training, you’ll get a DVSA certificate of competence straight away.

Develop a training plan if you need more training

If the assessment shows that you need more training, you’ll develop a training plan with your trainer.

The type of training depends on what you need. You might be offered all-day courses or shorter sessions.

Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll get a DVSA certificate of competence.

Sign up for extra training modules

After you’ve got a DVSA certificate of competence for the core modules, you can sign up for extra modules. Extra training modules are optional.

The extra modules are:

  • effective braking techniques

  • advanced level filtering

  • motorways and dual carriageways

  • carrying a passenger or load

  • delivery or courier riding

  • riding abroad

  • blood bikers

  • group riding

  • Biker Down and accident scene management

  • motorcycle maintenance and machine awareness

  • mobile phones, GPS, sat nav and Bluetooth

  • training in alternative environments

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