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Become a Motorcycle Instructor

So how do I become a motorcycle instructor and how much does it cost?

So you have a real passion for motorcycling and want to give something back to the community?

First things first,

Your need to:

  • have had a Full A2 for A category UK Licence for 3 years

  • have no more than 3 points on your licence

  • be a 'Fit and Proper person' (No Criminal Record)

So how much will it cost me?

There are training schools out there that will charge you upwards of £1000.00 to train as an instructor with them and you might think that was reasonable.

1st Castle Motorcycle Training will not charge you anything.  All we ask is for your time to train.  You turn up as frequently as you can manage and receive some first class training and invaluable experience. 


There is no payment during the training period but once we feel that you have reached the required standard as a rider and instructor, we will apply to the DVSA for your Training Certificate or Warrant.  You will then be able to run your own CBT courses under the guidance and control of 1st Castle Motorcycle Training and you will receive payment for your work from this point.

Shortly after you have received your training certificate you will receive a visit from the local DVSA CBT manager who will carry out a Standards Check to make sure that you are able to deliver the course properly.  There after you will receive a Standards Check every 4 years or so.

Is passing the Course Guaranteed?

No matter how much you love motorcycling, Instructing is not for everyone.  It takes a special kind of person, who is intuitive, skilled, committed and above all patient.  There there a number of people that come to us with a long riding career and a love for all things motorcycling that quickly find that Instructing is not for them and that's fine.  At least it has not cost you anything to find out.

Am I guaranteed work?

1st Castle Motorcycle Training is a small and selective group of like minded instructors and its very important to us that any new potential instructors will be able to fit in with the team dynamic.  We also have limited capacity.  If once you have completed your Instructor Training and have become certified, if you are happy to work with us and we feel that you will fit into the team then you will be added to the diary and will receive work in turn with the other instructors.  We have a small number of full time instructors who will always get priority over the part-time part of the team as it is their living but usually there is always plenty of work for everyone at 1st Castle.

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