Corona Virus and 1st Castle

The Lee-on-the-Solent Test centre that we predominantly use, is now open once again and is now available for instructors to book a small number of Mod1 and Mod2 tests released on a seemingly adhoc basis.


As you might imagine we have quite a backlog and the DVSA has recently discharged its responsibility to provide Emergency test to critical works by telling them contact their instructor.  This just means don't hassle them and that we are now expected to find the tests for the critical workers that the people that conduct the tests could not.

We are doing our level best with the resources that we have and we are, of course, prioritising the Critical workers but as things stand, anyone wanting to join our waiting list is looking at an 8 week or so lead time.  This could change as things get closer to normal service. 


If you are on our list, please rest assured that we will be in contact just as soon as we have something available for you.  If you can be flexible with regard to dates, you will have a better chance of getting the tests that you require.

We very much appreciate the people that have experience of our training or have come to us from a recommendation or having checked our reviews and are willing to join the ever growing list and we thank you for your patience.


DVSA Update 

DVSA Advice for people taking tests

Test Booking Site

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