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Corona Virus and 1st Castle

Tier 4 / National Lockdown update:

Dear all,

Firstly I need to make it clear that we have as yet received no new update from the DVSA and the latest instruction we have from them is that we are still not allowed to provide any motorcycle training.

I thought it important that I put out this update following the Road Map that was released by the PM this evening.

From what was said and what was not said, we can only assume that we as Motorcycle Trainers are to be considered a non-essential business and therefore our position on being able to provide training will not change until 12th April at the very earliest.

We have closed our booking system until the 12th April.  We hope for a more positive update at that time and of course there is always the very slim chance that the DVSA might send out an update in the mean time, so we live in hope.

The bottom line seems to be that there is now light at the end of the tunnel, even thought the tunnel may have been a little longer than any of us hoped for.


We would like to thank all students with training bookings that have had to be postponed for their patience and we do understand and share your frustration.

As always we will be updating Facebook and the website as regularly as updates come to us so please keep a look out.



1st Castle MCT

COVID 19 Update from the DVSA

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