Corona Virus and 1st Castle

As the lockdown is gradually being further relaxed, First Castle Motorcycle Training is now able to offer CBT training to anyone needing their bike to get to work or exercise in addition to the Key Workers.


With regard to Full Licence courses, the DVSA said that they were going to open Test Centres on 1st June but it seems that this has now passed without comment from them and no change has been published on their website.

Unfortunately we cannot in good conscience consider starting to deliver Full Licence courses working towards a test date until the test centres reopen.

If you require an extra days training in working towards your licence, we are happy to provide training but we still have no idea as to when the DVSA intend to reopen their test centres and then when they will be open for motorcycle tests.  The feeling amongst instructors is that car tests will be prioritised as has happened in the past.

As it is anticipated that when Test Centres do eventually reopen for Motorcycle Tests that the number of tests that will initially be available will be very few and heavily rationed to Training Schools. Therefore we are advising our students wanting test dates, to try to book their own tests at this link as and when they become available.  If you manage to get a test date, we will do everything that we can to arrange your training around your dates.  Please get in touch with us as soon as you get your date in order to avoid disappointment.

Any training that we do still needs to be mindful of Social Distancing and infection control measures.  We still take this very seriously and we appreciate the assistance that we have had from our students in recent times.

We will keep this page up to date and be in contact with as many people as possible once the restrictions are lifted.

In the mean time we hope that you all remain safe and well.  In order to keep us up to date we will be watching the government websites and listening to the news with eager anticipation and I'm sure you will be doing the same.

Kindest regards

The 1st Castle Team

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