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Corona Virus and 1st Castle

Firstly we fully understand that The Corona Virus is potentially a very serious illness and we do not take that lightly in any way.

The Prime Minister has just announced that we are no longer allowed to leave our homes unless absolutely necessary.

This means that we must now cancel all training until such times as the situation improves.

We really apologies to all that this has effected but I'm sure we all appreciate that these measures are put in place in the interest of the general public health and that must remain the primary concern for us all now.

We hope to see you all again as soon as we are allowed to function once again.

That said, 1st Castle is always happy to play its part in support of the national effort.  If you require a CBT to get to work and you are one of Borris' "Key Workers", then we will make this an exception and provide training for the Essential Workers.

Key Workers include:

  • Health Workers

  • Education Workers

  • Child Care

  • Food and other necessary goods

  • Local and National government

  • Utility Workers

  • Public Safety and National Security

  • Transport

  • Key public services

The CBT would need to be 1 to 1 and most, if not all of it, would need to be conducted outside with extra measures put in place to reduce the possibility of infection.  We will cover the cost of any additional measures at no extra cost to you.  You will also need to be able to provide some kind of proof that you are a worker from one of the categories above.

We will keep this page up to date and be in contact with as many people as possible once the restrictions are lifted.

In the mean time we hope that you all remain safe and well.  In order to keep us up to date we will be watching the government websites and listening to the news with eager anticipation and I'm sure you will be doing the same.

Kindest regards

The 1st Castle Team