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We provide all the usual standard courses, CBT, DAS, Progressive Access, ERS, Back to Bikes and advanced courses.

If there is something that you feel that you need that is not listed, call today and speak to one of our advisors.  We will do what we can to accommodate you.

Compulsory Basic Training

What  you need to get you on the road

Our CBT courses tend to fill up fast, so make sure to sign up today to reserve your space.

Curious to learn more about this or any other course? Get in touch with our friendly administration team, they’ll be happy to help.



The Direct Access Scheme is a course that allows you to learn to ride on a larger bike without having to progress from A1, A2 to a Full category A Licence.  The bike you learn on will have to be at least a cubic capacity of 595cc or 40kw/53.6Bhp.  We use 650cc motorcycles for this course.  You have to be at least 24 to take a DAS course.  Once you have passed your tests on the larger bikes, above 595cc, then you are allowed to ride any big bike that you choose straight away.

We run our courses to be flexible and suitable  to your needs.


After completing the CBT, here is a quick idea of which DAS course that may be suitable for you:

  • Very experienced rider on a larger capacity motorcycle – approx. 3 day course

  • Experienced rider on a lower capacity bike - 3 to 4 day course

  • Rider that is confident on a smaller bike (125cc) but new to big bikes – 4 to 5 day course

  • Novice to riding – 6 day course.

We can always do half days of training as well when needed for practical test appointments.

The length of course can depend on many things, level of experience, confidence and whether or not you already hold a current CBT certificate. It's normally best to speak to one of our trained instructors so that we can guide you towards the correct course for you or book you in for a free assessment (current CBT required for this) as we tailor make our courses to suit you as much as possible.


  • CBT - Day 1- This is the day designed to teach the student how to ride on the 125cc manual geared bike.

To take the practical tests you would need to pass the motorcycle theory test but this can be done at any stage before booking the practical tests, you do not  need the theory test to take the CBT course.

  •  Day 2 - After the CBT we would normally do day 2 on the 125cc, basically getting the skills honed from the CBT so that you are a confident rider on the 125cc with all of the skills in place ready to move you onto the larger bike. 

This is the day that can sometimes be missed out or shortened to a half day if you pick up the initial skills quickly on the CBT. 

  • Day 3 would be to get you ready and happy with riding the 600cc, you will get to grips with handling the bigger bike on some of the slow control exercises and also get some experience of the bigger bike out on the road.

  • Day 4 - This day we practice the skills needed for the Module 1 test. Often we can book the test centre space, at the weekends, to teach you all the exercises of mod 1 and build your confidence in the environment where you will eventually take the test.

  • Day 5 - Mod 1 test, Followed by preparation for the Mod 2 test.

  • Day 6 - More Mod 2 preparation followed by the Mod 2 test towards the end of the day.


Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and learn something new? Welcome to 1st Castle, one of the leading riding schools in the south of England. Our goal is to give our students the skills, experience and confidence they need in order to become safe and successful riders. Our program is flexible and our instructors are all fully qualified and are amongst the best in their field.

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